Digital printing – is a printing method in which images are created and sent directly to the printer from a computer. We invite you to explore the world of digital printing and understand how HP Latex Eco-Friendly technology helps us provide you with high-quality, environmentally friendly printing solutions.

2. HP Latex ECO-Friendly TECHNOLOGY

HP Latex Eco-Friendly Technology – is an innovative solution in the field of digital graphic printing. It offers unique advantages that make it indispensable for our company uaGraphix and our customers.
  1. Environmentally friendly and safe: HP Latex technology brings eco-friendliness to the world of printing. It contains no harmful solvents or toxic substances, making our printed products safe for health and the environment.
  2. Material versatility: HP Latex allows us to work with a variety of materials. We can produce printed products on vinyl film, textiles, banner materials, and other media. This gives us the flexibility to choose a material based on the specific needs of the project.
  3. High quality and color reproduction: HP Latex technology provides high-quality printing with excellent color reproduction. We can reproduce vibrant and saturated colors, making printed products more expressive and attractive.
  4. Resistance to external factors: Our printed products created with HP Latex technology are highly resistant to external influences. They are resistant to water, UV, and mechanical damage, making them ideal for outdoor advertising and long-term use.
  5. Instant drying: One of the key benefits of HP Latex technology is that the ink dries instantly. This means that printed products can be used immediately after the printing process is complete, reducing turnaround time and increasing efficiency.
  6. Print speed: HP Latex Eco-Friendly technology delivers fast print speeds, so you can process large volumes of orders quickly and efficiently.
HP Latex Eco-Friendly technology is the foundation of our work, enabling us to provide customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly and versatile printing solutions. This technology opens up many opportunities and allows us to turn the most ambitious projects into reality. We are proud to use this technology and are happy to share its benefits with you.


  1. Preparing for printing: The initial printing step involves selecting the appropriate material, adjusting the print temperature and selecting the optimal settings for best results, adjusting the color settings to ensure accurate reproduction of colors from the print file.
  2. Printing: The printing process begins with the transfer of data to the printer. HP Latex technology works on the basis of thermal printing, in which the ink is heated and applied to the material. This step ensures high resolution and color saturation in the printed product. HP Latex technology produces more than 16 million colors, making it ideal for reproducing highly-divided images and graphics.
  3. Monitoring and adjustment: Parameters are monitored and adjusted throughout the printing process. This includes monitoring temperature, print speed and ink consumption. Monitoring allows our operator to adjust parameters in real time to ensure consistent, high-quality order fulfillment.
  4. Drying and ready for use: HP Latex Eco-Friendly technology provides instant drying without the need for harsh chemicals or additional processes. This is achieved through the characteristics of latex ink, which instantly locks onto the surface of the printed material as it passes through the heating element. Thanks to instant drying, there is no risk of smearing or damage to images, even when water is applied or touched. This means that printed products are ready for use immediately after printing is complete.


  1. Environmental Safety: HP Latex Eco-Friendly uses safe latex ink without harmful substances, making it environmentally friendly. It also does not emit harmful odors and can be used safely indoors.
  2. Strength and durability: Printed products are highly resistant to external influences, including water and UV, and provide durability.
  3. Original German ink: We use only original certified German ink from Hewlett Packard, which guarantees high quality printing and reliability.
These benefits make HP Latex Eco-Friendly technology a reliable and effective choice for a variety of printing applications, and we emphasize the use of only original certified German inks and resources from Hewlett Packard.


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